PS AndrewKapaldo.com> whoami
PS AndrewKapaldo.com> Get-ScriptingLanguages | Where-Object {$_.Knowledge -eq $True}
Knowledge  Name
---------  ----
True       PowerShell
True       Python
True       HTML5
True       CSS3
True       Bootstrap 4
PS AndrewKapaldo.com> 

Hey, I'm Andrew. I'm a technology geek and love to help make people's lives better and easier through the magic of tech. I love web design and development, programing, and home automation using IoT smart home technologies. I live and work in Morgantown, WV and volunteer on the local search and rescue team to help find lost and missing children and adults. I am CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+ certified, (ISC)2 SSCP and have an AAS degree in Information Systems and a Certificate of Applied Science in Cyber Security.

What's New?

CompTIA Network Plus Logo
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CompTIA Network+

June 11, 2022

I took and passed CompTIA's N10-008 Network+ certification exam.

CompTIA Security+

May 25, 2021

I took and passed CompTIA's SY0-501 Security+ certification exam.

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CompTIA A+

May 18, 2021

I took and passed CompTIA's 220-1001 and 220-1002 A+ certification exams.

Minecraft Server

January 13, 2021

I purchased a Dell PowerEdge R220 and installed VMWare ESXi to create several virtual machines for tasks such as creating a private Minecraft server for my kids to play on and to test different Operating Systems.

Pi Hole

December 19, 2020

I configured a Raspberry Pi 3B+ to run Pi Hole for ad blocking on my home network and adjusted settings to allow our smart home devices and Amazon Alexas to contiune to function as normal.

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What's for Dinner

December 17, 2020

I created an Amazon Alexa skill that allows users to get open restaurants in their area using the Google Places API. The skill takes only the currently open places and returns a set number of those places randomly to help a user choose something to eat for dinner. The skill was coded in Python 3.8 and is hosted on AWS Lambda.

Garage Helper

December 16, 2020

I created an Amazon Alexa skill that allows users to get the oil quantity and weight, wrench size, and oil filter for their vehicle. The skill was coded using Python 3.8 and is hosted on AWS Lambda. I'm still adding new vehicles and hope to submit to the Alexa store by December 2021.

Country Roads Design + Photography

November 30, 2020

I redesigned and updated a website for my wife and I's side project. We do various design and photography projects as a side hobby. We do web design, custom party and holiday cards and invitations, and photography.